If you have never been here it's hard to believe that such a peaceful place as Fattoria Uccelliera lies among towns and thickly populated areas.
Crossing the threshold of this place is enough to feel that everything has changed both inside and outside ourselves.
This is what happens at the farm, that is still as it was centuries and centuries ago.

The ancient farmhouses, that have been fondly restored are nowadays perfectly integrated in the wholly intact landscape and represent both an agricultural resource and a farm holidays resort. The autochthonous game, living in the area from time immemorial, is evidence of this peculiar aspect.

How could we explain the sudden impression of being in peace with ourselves that we get on our arrival here? It's very difficult to explain it in simple language. And what about colours, sounds and smells? The only way to give an answer to all this is to cross the border of Fattoria Uccelliera.